(Turning Some Businesses Into Gold Geese… While Leaving Others In The Dust!)

I want to take you on a marketing journey through time. It’s an important journey for you to understand. Because by the end of this journey you will have a newfound appreciation for what tracking online can do for your business and the game-changing advantages it will give you (when done right). I’m talking about advantages that marketers would never have dared to dream of just a few short years ago…

And you’re also going to learn a critical marketing lesson from the savviest, cartoon-marketing Fox I have ever met…

First, let me set the stage. Flashback just a hair to say 20 years ago.

The mission of growing and scaling your business has not really changed all that much. You have a product, a service or a solution. And of course you think that yours the best in the world. But the only way you’ll ever know (or feed the family) is if you get the word out there and start acquiring new customers.

So what do you do? Well maybe you take out some newspaper ads, put up a few billboards, do a radio ad…

Maybe you even crack open your piggybank and put one of those flash black and yellow phonebook ads to work…

The name of the game has not changed. Your job as a marketer, business owner or entrepreneur is to get your marketing message to your target audience and generate new sales.

Just a couple decades ago, that primarily meant offline marketing. Yes, offline. That’s a real world for you younger folks.

Physically running ads, sending promo materials and making announcements to the real “offline world”. Do you remember those days?

Did it work? Sure, it did. Sometimes. Well, maybe it did.

You see, one of the biggest problems with offline marketing (and a problem that some marketers today who are trapped in the past still suffer from) is that while tracking online marketing is easy, tracking offline marketing was nearly impossible.

Lets say you put an ad in a phonebook. And you wanted to know if that ad worked. What did you do? Well you could train your support people to ask everyone who called how they heard about your offer. And then put a little tick mark in a secret marketing notebook you slept with under your bed. Or you could create a special offer just for readers of that big, fat yellow book.

Completely full of holes. Totally inaccurate. And more importantly, it wouldn’t give you any “actionable data”.

You couldn’t run a split test to see which performed better. Or identify what audience when they read the phonebook had the greatest response rates so you could increase your ad spends. It was a marketing world mostly filled with nothing but wild guesses.

You could never tell who was responding to your marketing.

Imagine meeting even the savviest of all marketers 20-something years ago. Imagine tell him this 

Hey Genius Marketer of the Day. I have something new. It’s called tracking online. You’re not going to believe me, but tracking online is going to change your life. Here’s how:

I am going to be able to tell you that:

Bob read the big, yellow book on Tuesday at 5:05 PM. He lives in Wisconsin and he decide to call your ad just 7 minutes later. And this is exactly what he purchased. By the way, Bob enjoys sport fishing, he is married and is 42 years old. And I did I mention, he really likes when you include an image in your ads of a money bag doodle. It makes him more responsive.

Crazy, right!?! Like the book 1984 on steroids.

Yet, this is exactly what is possible for marketers today, those who know how to implement tracking online the right way.

You see, it doesn’t take rocket scientist to know that this level of data about your prospects and customers is invaluable. Arguably worth more than any single part of your business. Yet, today so many marketers are leaving this earth shattering advantage on the sidelines (hint: the biggest, most successful marketers are not, they are taking full advantage of this. And it’s dramatically changing their businesses and bank accounts).

Why is it that so many smart marketers are missing the boat and not taking full advantage of tracking online?

#1: Online Tracking is not accurate

Hey I’ve been there before. You paste a bunch of cookies and pixels in different places. You wait a few days. Then you come back and what your online tracking shows you is completely not true!

Ug! Your online tracking is telling you you generated 20 new customers when you really only generated 2! If you make your marketing decisions following this type of bad data, you’ll go broke!

#2: Online Tracking doesn’t tell me anything usable

There is a little tiny company out there that starts with a “g” and rhymes with the word “schmoogle”. And they have a really impressive solution for tracking online. The only hitch is, not only do you need to be a senior level rocket scientist to get it working (seriously, no junior rocket scientists here), the problem is you never actually get the actionable metrics you need to make smarter decisions!

Data, even when accurate, has zero value to you as a marketer if it is not also actionable.

You need to be able to get data that tells you:

* What’s working in your marketing funnels and campaign and what’s not?

* When you’re marketing is getting the results you want, do you know what part to optimize and how to optimize it?

* Which traffic sources are generating the best leads and most valuable customers for your business?

* How do you scale up your marketing to generate more customers every day?

#3: Online Tracking is hard to setup

The last thing you need is more techie work slowing you down and stressing you out. It was enough of a hassle getting all your webpages up and running and your shopping cart. Now you’re supposed to read some huge manual and paste all these crazy “code snippets” all over your site. And oh, by the way, one false move and your tracking online all the wrong things. Huge bummer.

The great news is there is a game-changing breakthrough in tracking online.

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