There’s nothing worse than wasting time in the marketing world. With a consistent flow of new players to the game, you have to stay a step ahead. But how? Are tracking links the shortcut to becoming a leader in the marketing game rather than just another player? The short answer is: Yes. Need proof? Let’s dig a little deeper:

Why Tracking Links?

We all know the saying, “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, that’s nowhere near true in the cutthroat world of marketing. Any successful marketer will agree that maximizing your time is key as your business begins to grow. Every marketer in the world get’s the same 24 hours in one day. The successful ones have cracked the code on how to use those hours effectively. Especially in markets where there is competition, one wrong move could cost hundreds or even thousands of customers and dollars. So, to find out how to use this time and money effectively, tracking links go undercover, find which of your marketing efforts are performing best, and can even detect which links get customers furthest into your funnel. Tracking links are like little internet ninjas from Tibet. You know, the ones you don’t know are actually ninjas and then BAM, they’re on the roof. Trust us, you NEED tracking links.

So, now that we know tracking links are indeed an invaluable resource in your marketing arsenal, what exactly is a tracking link and how can you, an every day, soon-to-be rockstar marketer, use them?

What is a Tracking Link?

A tracking link is essentially a link you create and place anywhere you want on your website, emails, ads you create, or practically anywhere. It tells the conversion story about how the visitors from that link interacted with your funnel or marketing campaign. It gives us as marketers information about where people are coming from (i.e. an ad on Facebook) and how that ad, campaign, or web page performed.

How to Use a Tracking Link

Tracking links are typically created via a link generator within tracking software. The most basic form of a tracking link comes in the form of a simple click counter which tells you how many clicks that link received. A great example of this is trim. In it’s most intricate form, the data collected from these links can map out an entire story of that specific campaign, show exactly what happened and where it’s strengths and weaknesses are. The most useful data to marketers at the end of the day is, you guessed it, ROI. Only the most advanced software can determine your ROI via a tracking link and help you make real decisions for your business.

Usually, the downside to the more intricate forms of tracking links is that you, the marketer, has to take the extra time to sort through all of this data and try to pinpoint where the value is.

However, using a software like ConversionFly is proven to be the easiest way to combine the simplicity of a basic tracking link with the elaborate ocean of data it collects. ConversionFly takes these intimidating mounds of data collected from tracking links on your campaigns and lays them out in one simple, beautiful, and easy to understand user interface. Combined with the lossless tracking/lossless ROI features, ConversionFly is definitely helping many marketers make actionable choices when it comes to ads, optimizations, and marketing decisions. If only the price point was affordable for all marketers. Oh wait, it is. Here’s a 15-day free trial if you want to take it for a test drive and try out a few tracking links for yourself.

At the end of the 24-hour day, all we want is to look back and feel satisfied that our time and efforts were well spent. No time wasted. Tracking links are a little-known secret to ensuring more bang for the marketing buck. Until next time, fellow entrepreneurs.