Here at ConversionFly, we take the protection and privacy of your and your customers’ data seriously.
You can take a look at our Privacy Policy and out Terms of Service to see how we handle the protection of your data.

There is a lot of hoopla around the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) and how it affects internet marketers today.

No worries! We’ve done everything we can to make it easy for you to keep getting the metrics you need while still being compliant!

Here is the bunny-short of what you need to know and make sure of if you have customers or traffic from the EU as an internet marketer.
(This information is not to be considered legal advice, please consult a lawyer for your business’s individual needs.)

What you need to know:

1. You must get “explicit consent” from anyone to get their information and use it.
2. Your EU visitors must be notified that you are tracking them (clear and visible disclaimer).
3. Your privacy policy must be easily accessible and mention the above.
4. You and your visitors must have the right to be “forgotten“.
5. You are the “Data Controller” meaning you own the data of your users.
6. ConversionFly is a “Data Processor” whom you give an exclusive license to manage this data.
7. If your business is located in the EU, you will most likely want to enter into a Data Processing Agreement with us HERE.

Now, you may be thinking:


… but rest assured, it is a lot more simple than it sounds.
That’s why we made this guide below for the most common things you need to prepare for if you are using ConversionFly or a similar service on your pages (and also how we make it easy!).

The Conversionfly guide to eu-gdpr compliance

1. Proper Notification

Because you are using a 3rd party to track and store information about your visitors… you must tell them you are doing exactly that.

What’s most common right now is a cookie notification banner that appears when your visitors first come to your site. The banner puts an overlay over your site so that they must read it and click an acknowledgement button to continue.

Here is an example:

EU-GDPR Banner

2. Legal Coverage

Not only do your visitors need to be plainly notified upfront, you’ll want the full details put into your Privacy Policy.

Your privacy policy should be accessible on every page of your site. In there you will need to include a statement about you using a 3rd party to track your visitors’ information. Specifically, what and why that information is needed.

If you are a ConversionFly user, you must link to our Privacy Policy inside of this clause in your privacy policy. We require this in our own Terms of Service.

Our Privacy Policy helps more specifically outline the “what” and “why” of the information your are tracking with us 🙂

3. Forget You!

When we say “clear all data”, we mean it!

ConversionFly (unlike many other platforms) will actually completely remove the data from our server when you clear data.

From time to time someone from the EU might request that they be “forgotten“. A new personal data right from the EU-GDPR meaning that you have to completely wipe all the data of an individual if they request.

While we can’t help you on your other apps, we make it as simple as possible to clear the data that is stored for a particular person in ConversionFly.
Just click your profile icon at the top right of ANY screen in the app and open the “Testing Tool“.
Then put in the IP address of who needs to be deleted into the box shown and click “Clear All Stats”. DONE

Who would have thought it would be so simple!
If you need to figure out the IP address of an individual, you can go to your “Sales” and open the “Advanced Profile Viewer” on the individual you are looking to delete and find their IP address there.
Check out the video below to see it in action.

4. Let’s Agree to Agree

Lastly, if you are a company based in the EU. You will more than likely want to enter into a Data Processing Agreement with us.

A Data Processing Agreement is essentially an agreement between a Data Controller and a Data Processor on how the Data is managed (what data, how secure, what methods, etc.)

To make it easy on you, we give you an easy self-serve form to fill out and submit to enter into the agreement. Here is the LINK.

In addition you can access this form in-app under the “Profile Settings” section 🙂


That’s pretty much it!

A lot of internet marketers have been nervous that they would have to give up using tracking software (especially as deep as ConversionFly) for this new law. Fortunately, the regulation is really more about just keeping quality leads and not storing unnecessary data (if you have an autoresponder training web-class funnel, you don’t likely need to know the color of socks your prospects prefer).

So with these simple changes, you can kick back, relax… and keep the conversions rolling strong!


For more information about what we specifically require of you (if you are a user who’s business is in the EU or has traffic from the EU) you can check out our Terms of Service.