Tracking ads and links to maximize Online Marketing ROI is one of the oldest techniques in the marketer’s playbook. In many ways, ROI has been measured by average tools and marketers alike and nothing much has really changed. It would seem as if it should be fairly simple to calulate marketing ROI, right?

Well, as we’ve been diving deeper into what makes ConversionFly’s Lossless Tracking as great as it is, we’ve developed something that is LITERALLY the difference maker when it comes to your everyday marketing ROI and those highly sought after conversions.

It’s a feature we are confident and thrilled to say we now offer ALL of our users in ConversionFly. This is something no other funnel tracking software offers and we are more than stoked to be able to provide our customers with this unique, must-have!

So What Is Old Fashioned Online Marketing ROI?

Normally, when a visitor comes to your site, they opt-in, buy your product, and then they arrive at the Thank You page. Let’s say an ad you ran brought that visitor to your site. This visitor saw the ad, went to your site, and purchased your product. An average tracker calls this a “conversion”.

At the end of the day, marketers are looking for a number they can scale. There are some pretty good free marketing ROI calculators out there, too. They definitely do the job when it comes to old-fashioned online marketing ROI. Like Hubspot’s ROI Calculator.

But, we don’t believe that’s good enough. If you know anything about us, you know we are passionate about telling you the REAL Conversion Story.

Now, in order to tell the real story, we have to know more about the ROI than these few, one-time conversions. We realize that more often than not, the story doesn’t end at the Thank You page.

New School Online Marketing ROI In Action

Let’s say 30 days after a conversion, a customer rebills their subscription. Or maybe they cancel. Maybe they refund. Well, if they refund, these “conversions” aren’t really conversions at all, are they? Or if they rebill, they are conversions, but they aren’t showing their TRUE ROI

Let’s compare then. What if you knew that one of your ads was converting customers at 30%, but everyone who came through that ad had a low lifetime customer value? Alternatively, what if you had another ad that converted at only 15% but those who were converted stayed with you 5X longer as a member? What if you found they were also 25% less likely to refund?

The conclusion here is that you, the marketer, now realizes this valuable information. The ad is converting at 15% actually has a much greater ROI than the one converting at 30%! We’ll wait while you regather the pieces of your brain…

Introducing Lossless ROI

We like to call our latest, not-so-little feature inside ConversionFly – Lossless ROI.
By definition, Lossless ROI measures the effectiveness of your links and ads over TIME. The Real Life of your Customer and not just conversion to conversion.

So you’re not just looking at the front end value of the customer anymore. You are now seeing the BACK END VALUE, your TRUE marketing ROI. And if you know anything about building a real business, you know that what happens AFTER you acquire your customer is what determines if your business will flourish or burn to the ground.

This is especially valuable to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to play the LONG GAME and as a result, WIN in this cutthroat industry.

Now, with ConversionFly’s latest release, you can track Leads, Sales, Subscriptions, Cancels, and even Refunds. No other tracker offers THIS detailed level of ROI Tracking!! It’s a whole new level of tracking that tells the WHOLE. ENTIRE. STORY.

It’s simple. Once you set up your funnel, campaign, or ad, ConversionFly (in conjunction with your payment processor) will do all the tedious, intelligent work necessary to give you that Real Number you’re looking for. It’s practically effortless.

To leverage Lossless Tracking and Lossless ROI on your campaign or funnel, sign up for a FREE 15-day Trial of ConversionFly today. Many of our users have already seen the stunning results of both of these technologies working together. Join the tribe of confident entrepreneurs who know how to make the RIGHT decisions for REAL results, EVERY time.