ClickFunnels is still the industry standard when it comes to building and creating online marketing funnels. Whether you are capturing leads and following up with them offline, or selling products with multiple OTO’s (one time offers), ClickFunnels has proven to be a very popular platform for getting the job done. We have used ClickFunnels for the last 2 years and most of our customers use them in some capacity as well.

Now although they offer a stats section inside your ClickFunnels account, there is a lot of things that are missing from the story; things that if you don’t know, you will make decisions that may pay out in the short term, but in the long run may cost you tons of conversions.

Like I mentioned in the video above, knowing true LCV (Lifetime Customer Value) is how you scale big, regardless of if you have a big or small budget. It’s like a golden ticket in a Wonka Bar. You are going to go through your ads and links batch by batch. The question is, do you know what the ticket looks like? What if a lead converts later or on a completely different funnel? You see until you introduce Lossless Tracking, you will always be playing the link game.

Well, fortunately, ConversionFly integrates with ClickFunnels seamlessly to give you and your business the leverage and unparalleled back-end conversion story. Setting it up takes about 5-10 minutes and then every link after that will show you the direct and even indirect revenue and success related to your funnel.

In addition to that ConversionFly has a direct integration with your Facebook Ads, allowing you to get the real ROI without having to hunt for a “sort of” idea of how you are doing. We also let you see an in depth Customer Profile View of all your customers, which can clue you in on how to close those customers and get to know your audience in a brand new way. Know where in the world your products are resonating too! Our Geo Chart, Keyword, Referral reports give you audience insights and a good sense for what to do next.

ConversionFly can even go yet another layer deeper when it comes to ROI with our Lossless ROI features. ConversionFly tracks subscriptions, rebills, cancels and even refunds so you can play the long game and know the real ROI and churn rate of your customers. Just sync up your payment processor and begin getting the real number right away.
So there you have it, a comprehensive example of how to track leads and sales using ConversionFly & ClickFunnels. With all the questions we are having about it, I figured showing you would give a clear demonstration of how powerful it can really be and how finding that “Golden Ticket” is now easier than ever. If you would like to give ConversionFly a whirl for 15 days on me, click HERE. 

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