We at ConversionFly have gotten tons of feedback from our users about what they need to track their conversions maximize their ROI. Consequently, we have been growing and learning alongside you, and have been optimizing our software to make sure that you can optimize your marketing strategies.

When we first started ConversionFly, we were thrilled to be on the cutting edge of conversion tracking, but when met with real-world conversion scenarios we knew we had to reinforce and enhance our product to tackle the challenges we faced.

Safe to say, our clients are just as excited as we are about the solutions we have been able to come up with thus far. But we are just getting started…

First of all, ConversionFly is now up to 200 times faster than it ever was before. We’ve also added custom preset date ranges that allow you to have access to your most needed date ranges as you browse. To say the least, these are just a few of the new features that make ConversionFly the premier conversion tracking tool. We are on the ground floor of the next era of conversion tracking with only growth ahead of us.

As we gear up for ConversionFly 3.0, here is what to look out for in the future:

  • A complete link and ad management system
  • Brand new seamless user interface
  • Brand new flexible split testing capabilities
  • Simplified funnel setup process
  • Improved UTM integration
  • Additional ad platform APIs
  • Automation triggers on created link
Why do we continue to pour everything we are into ConversionFly? We believe the finest hour of conversion tracking is yet to come! With this object in mind, we are driven to keep building this tool so everybody, from top level advanced marketers to everyday entrepreneurs, can scale their businesses in an actionable way. If you are interested in trying a now 200 times faster ConversionFly free for 15 days click here.