You know the old adage… You can fool some of the people, all of the time. You can even fool all of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.

We get questions all the time from customers and people in our online family: 

  • Is the LossLess Tracking Technology inside of ConversionFly really real?
  • Is it even worthwhile?
  • What’s the difference, if any?

So… instead of just trying to answer all these questions with some geeky answer we decided to show you REAL TIME and in the moment, LossLess Tracking in action.

Watch this really short video to see the big difference between ConversionFly’s
LossLess Tracking and other tracking platforms:

Google’s tracking tools are great for businesses and many kinds of data, but when you want the Real Conversion Story, Google, like many others may be giving you a bit of a different take on the Real Story.

Lossless Tracking is giving you the power to make decisions and optimizations with Real Visitors on your site.

You see, when you don’t have the REAL STORY, you can’t make Real Decisions. And let’s face it… if you can’t make Real Business Decisions, then you’re probably going to make some Real Mistakes.

Now, on that video you just watched it may seem like a tiny difference, but fast forward a couple months and you’ll be so far off the beaten path, you won’t even hit your target.

Every Sea Captain knows that 1 degree deviation can land you in an entirely different country if not corrected. Yet marketers, AKA Captains of their businesses, everywhere make decisions with bot traffic, duplicates, and inflated stats everyday. Then, they wonder why they always have a huge hole in their revenue ship!

If your visitor count is riddled with inconsistencies, every number after that is not trustworthy. LossLess Tracking was built around knowing the Real Numbers, making the Real Decisions, and getting Real Results out of your Marketing game-plan.

Now as I said in the video above, bot filtering is not the only benefit behind LossLess Tracking. Here is another video showing how LossLess Tracking can and will give you unparalleled results with your markting campaigns and funnels.

If you are marketing blindly or if you are impaired with inaccurate data, you will never see clearly enough to know how to get better or where to improve your campaign or funnel. But, when you can see the Full Conversion Story, you just know what to do next. You see it sticking out like a sore thumb and you optimize accordingly.

The greatest asset you can have in your Marketing Arsenal is the one that helps you stop the bleeding and increase your effectiveness in the marketplace. At ConversionFly, we are extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs and marketers of all shapes and sizes make the right choices day in and day out. Helping them get to their desired goals faster and without wasting a dime on any distractions.

Want to take LossLess Tracking for a test drive? Be our guest and grab your free trial today and never be caught making a “one degree off” marketing decision ever again.